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Brent E. Williams

Brent E. Williams

Retirement Planning Specialist

Our life goals are unique and the path we take to achieve those goals should be unique. As a Retirement Planning Specialist, with Equitable Advisors, I focus on risk management and asset management to help my clients build, manage, and protect their wealth. I utilize retirement planning, risk management, portfolio management, tax efficient investment strategies, and life insurance to help my clients achieve their goals. 

I create a financial plan that takes into consideration my clients life goals, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, tax liabilities, and financial responsibilities. Survivorship needs and estate planning typically come into play as my clients' needs include the best way to protect their wealth from estate taxes and pass on their wealth tax efficiently.

My clients value my ability to quantify their specific goals and objectives into a strategic plan that meets their financial needs. My clients at companies like Amazon and Microsoft have considerations in regard to what to do with their stock based compensation, stock options, and how to diversify themselves without huge tax ramifications. They are often looking for personalized investment strategies to do this. My Boeing and Weyerhaeuser clients have considerations in regard to maximizing their pension and what ways they can protect their 401k besides investing everything in the Stable Value Fund. Equitable provides me with access to a large network of resources and solutions to help my clients. My physician clients are looking for tax efficient ways to save beyond their employer plans and looking to me to help quarterback their financial decisions. I've been with Equitable for 16 years and it's been especially rewarding to see the value of financial planning truly materialize for my clients as I've worked with them over the years.

A major part of the financial planning process involves evaluating my client's current situation and educating them on what strategic actions they should take to stay on track for their financial future.  Financial planning doesn't just focus on accumulating wealth; but also on protecting wealth by addressing concerns that can potentially derail the plan.  Reviewing the plan is also very important and I am in constant personal contact with my clients.  In addition, I have a team of financial professionals as resources to make sure my client's needs are properly addressed.

I have a team of professionals and specialists I work with that allow me to provide value for my clients that need financial planning as well as more complex estate and business planning.  I do most of my business by referral, so whether it's someone with a specific financial need i.e. 401k/IRA rollover, Life Insurance, investment management, or someone who needs to review their financial plan, feel free to e-mail me their contact information.

My background includes earning both my Bachelors and Masters degrees from Stanford University. I attended Stanford University on a basketball scholarship and played professional basketball for seven years in Europe and Japan.  My industry experience includes 16 years as a Financial Professional at Equitable Advisors, member of the industry standard Million Dollar Round Table, and Financial Planning Association.  I also earned honors as a member of Equitable Advisors' National Leaders Corps from 2003 to 2017.  From 2004 to the present I have qualified as a Centurion, Circle of Excellence, and Summit level producer and have qualified for membership in the Paramount Planning Group (PPG) representing the top tier of Equitable Advisors financial professionals.  In 2007, I earned my Certificate in Retirement Planning from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. As a Retirement Planning Specialist I am credentialed to work with people in the “At Retirement” market place, i.e. clients ages 50-70 who are 5-10 years from retirement or 5-10 years in retirement. Hallmark I achieved in 2011 and Equitable's Hall of Fame achieved in 2012. Hallmark II achieved in 2015.

Since retiring from playing Professional Basketball overseas I've continued to play basketball and stay connected through various leagues, tournaments, and venues. In an effort to “give back” I am now coaching/training youth in the Newport Select High Feeder Program. In addition, I teach a One Credit, Financial Skills Course to the athlete's at a local major university. The youth in our society can be empowered to do amazing things if the proper skills and regiments are learned at an early age!

 *Funded through the use of life insurance and other financial products